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The Primal 7 Pro bundle is a perfect tool for physical therapists and personal trainers to optimize movement quality. Whether unloading painful and post-op joints, or training body awareness, Primal 7 becomes your silent partner in restoring and perfecting functional movement patterns. The Pro bundle also comes with convenient Bar Attachments (pull-up bar not included) for use over any bar or railing.

  • (2) Built-in Door Anchors
    (2) Built-in Rubberized Rings
    (2) Adjustable Safety Straps
    (2) Bar Attachments
    (1) Drawstring Backpack
    (1) P1 Performance Band (up to 175 lbs.)
    (1) P2 Performance Band (up to 275 lbs.)
    (1) 60-Page Exercise Guide
    Access to 40+ Instructional Videos
  • Two anchor points for added control and stability.
    Elastic support for increased safety and range of motion.
    Optimal core engagement through hands-free movement.
    Unweight painful or post-op joints and muscles.
    Portable enough to hang on a door, tree, or bar.
  • Built-in rubber coated door anchors.
    Lightweight, rubberized rings.
    Quickly adjustable band release lever.
    Interchangeable performance bands.

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Personal Trainer Primal 7 Pro
Physical Therapist Primal 7 Pro 
Primal 7 Suspension Training System Overview



  1. Door Anchors - rubberized to protect your doorframe and square to disperse the weight and keep you safe. Pro/Plus bundles also include Bar Attachments.
  2. Safety Buckle - inspired by rock climbing gear, our buckles can remain locked with up to 2,000 lbs. of pulling force. When you hear the "click" you are secure! 
  3. Rubberized Rings - for the optimal grip and balance when doing the primal 7 patterns and beyond. The rings may also be locked for traditional ring work. 
  4. Band Release Lever - allows for quick and easy height adjustments, but locks into place when you're moving to keep you supported through the movement. 
  5. 5-Panel Webbing - with a break strength of more than 6,000 lbs., your straps will last you as long as the seat belts in your car.
  6. Performance Band - there are three interchangeable, elastic bands to vary the level of assistance or resistance. Your bundle may come with one or all three. 




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Suzanne C.
United States

My new favorite piece of equipment

As a trainer, I am fortunate enough to teach classes with clients of all abilities. Keeping the ‘crew' inspired and willing to take on new movement patterns can be a challenge for some, but not with the Primal 7. The safety and variability allows all my clients to feel confident and successful. Hands down, a fantastic tool!

Lois M.
United States

Helps to Motivate

Great product, easy to set up and use. Allows me to do exercises I haven't done in years due to knee & back issues!

Yvonne D.

Review of Primal 7

Although a simplistic assistant tool it is well built and comes assembled so all you have to do is hang it over your door and get to moving. Makes doing exercises feel safer and much easier on the joints. WORD OF CAUTION ... make sure you ask if item is IN STOCK or order could be delayed shipping.

United States

Very good

나는 재활을 하고 있어서 이제품을 구입했다. 그리고 Trx,Redcord 모두 사용해보았는데, 각각의 장단점이 있다. Primal7 은 몸의 무게를 완전히 지지하는것에 집중되어 있는것 같다. 그리고 다른 제품보다 가격이 일리가 있어서 구입을 결정했다. 다만 나는 전문가가 아니라 한국에서 동작을 배울곳이 없어서 아쉽다. 그래서 아직은 한정된 동작만 하고 있다. 그건 YouTube 를 통해서 배우려고 한다. 그리고 한국까지 배송하기 위해서 친절한 메일을 보내준 분들에게 감사를 표한다.

Anonymous verified customer review of Primal 7 Pro
Allen B.
United States


I really enjoy using the product. It helps me do squats that I could not do in the past, without having pain in my knees. Also helps with pushups. I keep st love the support it gives me. And that gives me more confidence. And better control. Now going to try and see how it works with dips. But live it so far. Glad I found it. Allen

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