Bar Attachments (Pair)

The best part of Primal 7 is its ability to go anywhere. The bar attachments provide a quick and easy solution for hanging Primal 7 on a bar, tree or any other stable structure, indoors or outdoors. This means more versatility in workout locations, keeping your exercise regime flexible and consistent. Bring Primal 7 with you on the road or just when you want a change of scenery.


 Provides variety in hanging locations for users on the go or simply looking for versatility in their workout routine.
Powder coated, hardened steel attachment ends ensure a smooth, secure connection to the Primal 7 unit’s door anchors.
Purchase an additional pair of Anchor Attachments to create ready-to-go workout stations in multiple locations.
Single Anchor Attachment purchasing option provides a cost-effective solution for replacing a lost attachment.

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